In Short: Raised by frogs in New Jersey, I started catching creepy crawlies at a very young age.

Extended version: Although my parents are not frogs, they were always encouraging of my catching frogs, snakes, and bugs. When I wasn't catching animals, my family was taking me to the American Museum of Natural History, the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, or Longwood Gardens to explore organisms from further afield. Unfortunately, when I started going to school, there was nothing academic that encouraged this passion. Luckily, when I went to Sterling College, my advisor David Gilligan revitalized my love of nature. This love was then kept alive in graduate school, first working on moss ecology at Fordham with John Wehr and then working on leech evolution and systematics with Mark Siddall at the American Museum of Natural History's Richard Gilder Graduate School. Currently I am doing a postdoc with Rob DeSalle and continuing to advance my studies in natural history using advanced methods. In addition to my love of organisms, I simply enjoy being outside, whether rock climbing, hiking, or just relaxing. Living in New York City, I also spend my time searching out the next best meal, or an unfamiliar dish.